TShirt Measurements

Some returning clients would be aware of our SG brand T shirts that we usually use. Note - To measure as accurate as possible you'd measure from one armpit to the other (T shirt will have to be laid out flat) using a tape measure as you can see in the diagram in the lower right of this page.

LADIES FITTED: These sizes are the European sizes, we usually recommend some clients go a size up to avoid it being too tight on them. Those clients who prefer a much looser fit should opt for the UNISEX style. Please check the measurements on the website.

UNISEX / MEN: The sizes are more loose than the LADIES FITTED and ladies or men can opt for these.

KIDS: These sizes come in year range, ie., 1-2 years, 3-4 years, 5-6 years, etc. Sometimes it might be advisable to choose a size that the child can grow into.

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